My name is Terje Fossen and I was born in 1963 in Trondheim, Norway. Took the education as gardener, then I took the education as landscape gardener. Both at the Statens gartnerskole Staup (State gardening school) in Levanger.

Has worked with landscaping and as arborist after the graduating in the private sector, but in the period 1994 - 1997 I was in UN missions for the Norwegian Armed Forces. Has since 1997 worked in the public sector.



My hobbies

Photography is for me a great hobby, have been photographed since the early 1980's. What I take pictures of? Mainly it is lot of botanical photos in the work situation, but I also like to take pictures of good architecture (also poor architecture), animals and act photography.

History is also one thing that fascinates me, especially the history of the Levant and the surrounding areas. English and French history is also very interesting to read about. With an interest in history then it's natural to have some books on the subject, so reading may go under the category hobby.

Looking on the TV and feel incredibly uncomfortable

when I get photographed.


Books to read:

Amin Maalouf: De forvillede (Les désorientés)

(ISBN-13: 978-82-530-3676-2)


Wilbur Smith: Vicious Circle

ISBN-13: 978-0230757622


Book now read:

Maksoud N. Feghali: Spoken Lebanese

(ISBN-13: 978-1887905145)


Barry Rubin (Editor): Conflict and Insurgency in the Contemporary Middle East (Middle Eastern Military Studies)

(ISBN-13: 978-0415582124)


Last books read:

Odd Karsten Tveit: Libanon Farvel - Israels første nederlag (2nd-time reading)

(ISBN-13: 978-82-03-29227-9)


Amin Maalouf: The Crusades Through Arab Eyes

(ISBN-13: 978-0863560231)


Eeben Barlow: Executive Outcomes - Against all Odds

(ISBN-13: 978-1-919854-41-0)


Finn Bjelke: Gretne, Gamle Gubber - gir seg aldri

(ISBN-13: 978-82-05-42635-1)


Finn Bjelke: Gretne, Gamle Gubber - håndbok i surmuling

(ISBN-13: 978-82-05-39964-8)


Georg Apenes and Tore Dyrhaug: Tyttebærkrigen - Det norske felttog i Sverige 1788 (ISBN-10: 82-03-15519-7)


Henrik Svendsen: Bergtatt - Fjellets historie og fascinasjonen for det opphøyde. (ISBN-13: 978-82-03-29195-1)


Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse: Øyne i Gaza

(ISBN-13: 978-82-05-39381-3)


Sidsel Wold: Checkpoint - En beretning fra Midtøsten

(ISBN-13: 978-82-0536187-4)

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